Who Will Do the Updating?

Boy Laptop One of the biggest decisions to make when creating a church website is figuring out who will be doing the updating.

Joe, The Web Developer

Joe has a great set of skills.  He knows how to write code, can fix problems that the site my have, and he may even be able to give you a good idea on what system to set up and how much you should be paying.

The problem with Joe is that he’s a web developer.  He may not know everything that’s going on in the church well enough ahead of time.  He may not be gifted in language, and he may not posses a gift when it comes to design.

For him, you want to plan to get and keep him involved by providing him with all the data he needs—preferably written by someone with that gift, and you need to tell him when to have it up and when to take it down.  He’s probably reliable, but don’t overtask him.