One of the difficult things about the Internet today is that there are so many locations to store your stuff.  There are photo sharing sites, e-mail newsletters, blogging sites and everyone’s offering free deals if you’ll just use their service.

The problem is that every member of your congregation may have information or pictures scattered throughout the web, and so it will be hard to find it– or they’ll be e-mailing it all over the place and filling up everyone’s e-mail box.

With a Church Website you can have all of these things in one central location.

You can upload photos to your website for all to enjoy– and then if you really want to e-mail a message, you can just e-mail the URL so that everyone can find it.  You can even get creative and write text around the images so that people know a bit of what’s going on.

Have something you want to get to all of your church members?  Simply enter all of your member’s e-mail addresses into your site and you can send a newsletter from one location.  No more having to maintain multiple contact lists in multiple PCs– and you can choose who to grant access and who to deny.

Does your Pastor want to get a message out to the website quickly without having to know complex HTML and other languages?  You can have a blog on your site so that he can type short or long messages to visitors– or simply put some more information from his sermons out for everyone to enjoy.

Yes– One Location for Information is a great thing.

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