One of the great things about a church website is that you can let anyone that is looking for you know about events and services that you offer– and you control the content! Say someone is looking for a financial planning course, and your church is offering one. No one would know about it unless you’re handing out fliers, but if you have a web site, you could announce the event, publish it via subscription service like RSS, and send out e-mails easily.

Instead of your announcements and events only residing in your church bulletin, your announcements could be published on the site in either a member’s section or public. By using a feed reader, those that are subscribed to your site would see your announcement and could bookmark it. You can have a list of e-mails and send everything out to those that have subscribed.

The possibilities are endless!

At Purely Churches, we construct a site that allows you to have information about your church prominently displayed on your home page. We also create a calendar so that you can have your events in one convenient location. You can navigate the calendar to see what’s coming up and what has passed.

One of our platforms has a built in RSS source, so you can send out your information via subscription without doing anything! There’s also an e-mail option that will let you send out e-mails every time you have a new announcement.

Don’t know HTML? You don’t have to. We provide an easy to use interface that lets you choose a title, a category, and has a box for easy to enter text as well as uploading images. You can password protect events, and even choose when the event will be displayed on your site!

Don’t have a church web site? Contact us now!

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